The energy demands of life are high, and Cenex® provides a wide range of products to answer them.

The people who bring you Cenex products are proud to be a part of your community, and we show that local pride in all we do for our customers. Take a look below to learn more about the wide range of products we offer to meet your needs in the fields, on the road and in your home.

Premium Diesel Fuels

For every mile covered, Cenex® Roadmaster XL® premium highway diesel fuel is there for you. It contains a complete, balanced additive package proven to boost fuel efficiency by as much as 5%* while protecting costly injectors and fuel pumps, helping you get optimal performance while minimizing repair costs. Read more >

*Compared to a typical #2 diesel fuel.


And to get the most performance in your fields, you need Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel fuel, which contains engine stabilizers and special additives proven to boost power and fuel efficiency by as much as 5%.* This all adds up to less downtime, lower maintenance costs and more efficiency from your farming machinery. Read more >

*Compared to a typical #2 diesel fuel.


When it comes to minimizing downtime and protecting your investment, Cenex has your back. That’s because heavy-duty Cenex® lubricants are uniquely formulated to withstand the challenges of today’s high-tech engines. They provide superior engine protection, cleaner emissions and better overall performance. With 80 years of proven performance out in the field, on the construction site and over the road, Cenex is a brand you can trust to keep your fleet and equipment running smoothly. Read more >

Total Protection Plan

We believe we succeed when you succeed. That’s why our agricultural products are top quality and guaranteed to be dependable. We’re so confident our lubricants and premium diesel fuel are second to none that we’ll give you a guarantee, up to 10 years or 10,000 hours. Click here for more details and to enroll today.


Whether you use it to heat your home, fire up your grill or dry your crops, Cenex® propane is the cleaner, more reliable energy alternative. Plus, with one of the nation’s largest fleets of pressurized transports, you’re sure to have dependable year-round support from your local Cenex propane supplier. Read more >

Retail Convenience Stores

Whether it’s a weeklong road tour or a quick trip to the market, Cenex is with you. More than 1,300 convenience stores across the country satisfy your sweet tooth and provide you with the quality fuels and customer service you’ve come to expect. So the next time you’re out and about, stop in, say hello, and grab a quick snack for the road. Find a Cenex location >