Many Thanks To My Sister

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Maureen Cobb
Chaska, MN

I’m nominating my older sister, Maureen. I owe her “thanks” for so many things. For taking me into her home when our mother passed away. For taking my autistic son into their home 10 years ago when my life fell apart. She was severely burned as a child in the early 60′s when her bathrobe caught on fire. She was in a full body cast and in the hospital for a long time with skin grafts. My brother-in-law, Jim, has now been diagnosed with moderate to severe Alzhiemer’s and they are leaving on June 18th for  Los Angeles, Texas and Iowa to visit family before he gets worse. There’s so much she has endured. I love ny sister and brother-in-law dearly and there is a long, hard road ahead for them. This trip is beyond their finances and extra gas would be a big help  and greatly appreciated!