She Has Done So Much For All Of Us

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Magic Curfman
Laurel, MT

I’m a single mom, and my good friend Magic has taken it upon herself to make sure I can accomplish anything I set out to do. In fact, she does this for everyone she knows. She’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in anyone. She is the one my daughter calls when she’s sick at school because I’m stuck at work. Not a month goes by without at least two people calling her to come get them because they need a ride and she’s constantly taking care of each and every one of us. I’m even driving her spare car and have been for 7 months now because it gets better gas mileage and she knows I can’t afford the extra cost. Truth be told, she’s keeping this town safer because most of her friends used to drive intoxicated. She is responsible for the change. None of us will ever be able to repay her for all of the good she has done for us in our lives, thank you!