She Truly Loves Her Patients

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Treasa Hendrickson
Clinton, WI

My mother of four doesn’t necessarily love her bosses, or the 30 mile distance it takes to get to her nursing home job. She’s a nurse who’s passionate about her patients and goes the extra mile. When she first started working there, they crushed pills and put it in applesauce. All the patients said it wasn’t good and didn’t like it, but the administration ignored them. Not my mom, she kept trying different things until she found something that lived up to her patients, and settled on ice cream. When a patient pass away, she comes home in tears because she truly loved them. She loves her job because she loves her patients, and each and every one of them love her too. She doesn’t get paid a lot and on top of that she’s back in school for her bachelors degree. A gas card would be a blessing for a woman who truly deserves it!