Dedicated To Many Organizations

Stacy Mckeever , Gwinner, ND

Stacy and her husband are local business owners in the town and contribute financially to many organizations; what I feel is great though, is that they don’t contribute money without contributing their time.

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A Blessing To Many

Julie Main , St. Maries, ID

Julie is a wonderful person. She would do anything to help someone out. When I found out I was two months pregnant she gave me money so I could leave the situation I was in.

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All Around Great Guy

Tom Larson , Sleepy Eye, MN

Tom Larson puts in hours coaching golf students. He collects the money for the Lions mints and distributes more mints where needed.

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Truly Amazing Woman

Loretta Main , St. Maries, ID

Loretta is amazing at the age of 71. A family was in at the hospital because of complications, while in the hospital they needed financial and food money and Loretta single handily did a bake sale.

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Helping People In Need

Fred and Beverly Ballard , Kinnear, WY

Fred and Bev are there to reach out to people in need with food, money, physical help. We live in a small community and this is so important.

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