Their Love For Dogs Is Unconditional

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Micki and Matt Ambridge
Omaha, NE

Micki and Matt have donated countless hours to the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS). It all started when they adopted their lovable yet troubled Mia from them. They respected MOGS and wanted to give back to the rescue. They helped with the Nebraska chapter by being intake coordinators, adoption coordinators, assist, plan and attend fund-raising events in Omaha and Kansas City. They have also opened their hearts and home and have fostered many of the rescue dogs hoping to find them their forever homes. They have driven many a miles taking dogs from shelters to foster homes and even to their forever homes. There is nothing these two wouldn’t do for their beloved breed of dog (or any dog), they have even been known to search at night in a severe thunderstorm out in the farming fields of Kansas trying to find a run away dog. Their love for these animals and the organization is unconditional!