They Take Volunteering To A New Level

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Paula Hladky and Willard Epling
Perry, KS

As a husband and wife team, Paula and Willard drive miles to volunteer in three different counties every week. As current residents of Perry, KS, both Paula and Willard have a passion for educating residents in Douglas County about emergency preparedness. Every month they engage in workshops and programs that encourage others to think about their personal safety. Both Paula and Willard believe it is important to reuse and recycle and lead a very eco-friendly lifestyles. During the spring and summer months, they travel 20 miles to Topeka, KS, to support Keep America Beautiful through park cleanups, planting and weeding projects, as well as educating young children to recycle in their schools and communities. In addition, as a team they volunteer at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. At the local children’s museum they facilitate birthday parties for visitors and provide educational moments to the children and visitors. They bring such passion, enthusiasm and warmth to the staff, volunteers and visitors at the agency. Paula and Willard take volunteering to a new level. As retirees, they both stay busy and healthy by volunteering full-time. I believe it is so important to recognize them and their dedication to community change.